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Lee Sommers

Who Is Watching
Out For Your Well-Being?

Rewarding. Motivating. Creative. Just a few words used to describe Lee Sommers’ approach to your well being. Lee has been at the forefront of fitness with a purpose for over 15 years. He’s constantly setting new goals for his clients and himself to achieve personal wellness of mind and body.

Everyone has
a purpose.
What’s yours?

At Purpose Personal Fitness, your goals are our priority. We focus on giving you the experience that you want, desire and deserve. Check out if PPF and you would make a great team.

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Lee Sommer and Katie Ledecky
Katie Ledecky

Driving Towards the
Maximum Benefit for You

I started training with Lee Sommers in 2013 and continued to work with him up through the 2016 Rio Olympics. His strength and conditioning program was a great fit for me. He worked closely with my swim coach to assure my dryland training was coordinated with my swimming program. He understands the sport and knows how a swimmer can get the maximum benefit from a strength and conditioning program.


Lee Sommers On Training Ledecky and More

Lee addresses some common misconceptions he sees in dryland training for swimming.


Best of Bethesda

We’re honored to be voted by Bethesda Magazine as a Readers’ Pick, A Top Vote Getter, in the Best Personal Trainer category.

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The Motivational Guide

The importance of proper training to perform at the highest level.


Thanks to Lee, I hit my fitness goals and more importantly, I felt and looked great in my wedding dress!

Connie Steele

Lee Sommers is a wonderful personal trainer. I've worked out with him for the past year and a half. I placed sixth at the triathlon world championship this season. Lee's workouts are varied and fun.

Julie Billingsley

After I left the Biggest Loser Ranch I worked with two trainers before I started working with Lee. I can say, hands down Lee is the best! I am extremely grateful to Lee and all that he has done for me.

Sophia Franklin

I would have given up on trying to maintain a high level of fitness more than a few times had you not been there to nudge me along and make me feel both accountable and capable.

Tine Knott

I felt comfortable and sensed that we could work well together. You care and that came through. You knew when to push me hard and when to cut some slack.

Claire McDonald